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Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e Light Novel Vol.11 Chapter 01

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CHAPTER 1: The Teachers’ Battle


One day in February, before the start of the official voting exam.


During this time, KOUDO IKUSEI high school teachers continued to be busy with their work.


They prepared for increases, expenses and graduations.


In addition, there are also the perpetrators for the final special exams that all classes will be taking.


Moments of various factors are complex interrelated.


Every teacher has no free time, every day they are busy with work …


However, the hearts of the teachers who are responsible for class one this year are more complex than others.


“The above is the final special exam content for first grade students, as well as notifications about the introduction of the new system.”


A man completes an explanation of this year’s special exams to all teachers. The explanation is the same for year 2 and 3, but only year 1 is different.


“If there are teachers who have any questions, please ask.”


In a tense atmosphere, he looked around the teachers who listened to his speech.


There was silence for a few seconds.


“May I ask a few questions, Director Tsukishiro.”


The atmosphere of the staff room was still filled with silence.


Mashima who is responsible for year 1 Class A, raises his hand and breaks the silence.


Both Chabashira and Hoshinomiya who were in charge of the year 1 classes also seemed to agree, they set their sights on Mashima.


The man, who was the temporary Director, Tsukishiro, had long noticed that the teachers in charge of first years had many questions. It’s better to say that he thinks if they don’t have questions, it will be too bad.


This is related to his evaluation as a person.


Are they just members of the community, or are they just adults, or just a teacher who works only to get paid?


“Is there something wrong Class A teacher, Mashima-sensei?”


Tsukishiro, who predicted the question, smiled softly.


“Compared to special exams for year 2 and year 3 students, the benchmarks for first grade students are much higher than the average compared to previous years. For example, voting in class … This exam carries a high risk of dropping out.”


As a teacher in charge of Year 1 students, and considering the future of the students, Mashima is not afraid of the temporary director Tsukishiro to represent them and protest.


“I’m sorry for being rude, but the interim Director Tsukishiro was not here long before I came to this school. Although I think this is an assessment you made with reference to previous experiences, but because there were no dropouts in year 1, you took steps – coercive steps, to make it happen. I think it’s a mistake.”


Getting a question from Mashima …… Tsukishiro smiled as he was criticized and showed his white teeth.


“Does it contain a lot of risk of dropping out of school? Are students worried about dropping out of school? Is the current situation the same as special exams so far? In the rules of this school if someone fails the exam, they will be expelled from school. Isn’t this a difficult rule for high school students here? ”


“I mean it has nothing to do. It’s true, students who don’t get a certain grade will be excluded. I don’t want to say that rules like this are very difficult for students. Besides that there have been many withdrawals of students in previous years. That is a fact.”


Every year, this school has conducted several special examinations in a standard range.


In the exam, year 1 students have tried to overcome a full year without dropping out. Although it is not clear whether this is due to the difference in their strengths from other years, there must be a reason.


In addition, Mashima believes that it is important to use this aspect and continue it for the following years.


But Tsukishiro’s idea was different.


“Because there are many who dropped out of school in the past, isn’t this the same?”


“No. Obviously, this is different from our policy so far. I disagree with your design of an exam that enforces a forced withdrawal.”


While the other teachers were silent, only Mashima kept trying.


“Then, in the last special exam held at the end of the school year, you decided to introduce a new system. This is something that has never been done so far, and the reason is not explained at all.”


However, Mashima’s resistance was futile.


It is impossible to change this decision.


“Apparently, Mashima sensei is still a little doubtful. Do you consider the practice carried out so far to be incorrect. Is everything wrong?”


In the staff room, Tsukishiro and Mashima repeatedly attacked one another.


However, Mashima’s inferior position was clear. People like Tsukishiro are not opponents who they can make irresponsible statements to.


“The absorption capacity of young children is greater than that of adults. With this in mind, I have ruled out students in year 2 and 3 and restricted new examinations to year 1 students. After all, they are year 1 students who have not been so influenced by this school. If this new effort is successful, the test for first year students in the next generations will be easier.”


“There managed to be no drop outs for year 1 students this year. Don’t you want to end it in this situation?”


“There is no point in maintaining this kind of thing. We must think of the future, and we must be oriented to the future.”


Tsukishiro’s counterattack continues.


“This school has received a lot of expectations from the government. This is a new school for some experimental tests. Its history is still very shallow. For this reason, I think it is more important to try a variety of things.”


“Of course it’s important to think about the future. However, you also have to think that you are using the current year 1 students as guinea pigs. As the teacher in charge of their class, this is something I cannot agree with.”


Mashima continued to challenge Tsukishiro, attempting to improve the guidelines of this special exam.


However, it was the class vote exam was already set in stone.


That’s why Chabashira-sensei stopped him from continuing any further.


“… Mashima-Sensei, that’s enough.”


Mashima held back his words.


However, once again, Tsukishiro urged him to speak.


“No problem. If there is something you want to say, I hope you will speak your mind, I will listen. In fact, I understand what is making the teachers worry.”


“So does that mean it’s possible to reconsider?”


Mashima asked Tsukishiro.


Although he spoke as if he were giving him a chance, that’s not what he meant.


In contrast to Director Sakayanagi, the interim Director Tsukishiro did not have any intention to listen to any other opinions.


“Reconsider? I think that will be difficult. Although I am a substitute, I am still the Director. As the Director, my responsibility is to set guidelines and guide the school, nothing more than that. After all, I was merely hired by a legal entity owned by the government. ”


With this statement, Mashima’s resistance was meaningless.


The opinions of people in schools are secondary, and the only thing that matters is the future of this high school education institution.


“In the end, it shouldn’t matter if there are withdrawals for students because of strict rules, right?”


“Inappropriate people must be excluded. This is the structure of society – No, this is a natural law. And, besides that, is there an agreement for the introduction of ‘protection points’? This is all I can approve of.”


The tense atmosphere began to slowly subside.


The slow morning meeting is nearing its end.


“Furthermore Sakayanagi, the current Director, was detained for suspicion of committing an offense. If this is the case, then I cannot inherit educational policies from such a person. Of course, I hope he can eliminate any suspicion as soon as possible and return to his original position.”


With a loud clap, Tsukishiro looked around to all the teachers present.


“The time is almost up. That’s the end of that problem. Oh, yes. I’m exploring the possibility of holding a cultural festival in the next school year? I think I also want to ask for advice from the teachers, so please don’t hesitate.”


“Cultural festival? In principle, shouldn’t the school adopt a reserved attitude towards openness to the outside world?”


For the first time, year 2 and 3 teachers asked a question.


“Such outdated parts are also a problem. To become a school that is better known by the state, I think it is necessary to change the rules no matter whenever needed. Of course, it is necessary to select strictly those who are invited, so it will be nothing to worry about, this is not open to ordinary people, after all. I will only choose among people in the political community who know of this school. If we do this, they will not divulge additional information to the outside world.”


The caretaker director Tsukishiro ended his speech and the teacher battle ended.


There was nothing that could be done.


Part 1


After Tsukishiro left the staff room before the start of class.


“Mashima-sensei and Hoshinomiya-sensei, could you make some time?”


Chabashira called out to the two. Every time, they compete and grow together in this school, both as rivals and friends.


Both of them did not specifically ask Chabashira’s reasons, but with the required documents, they went with her and came to the corridor that was connected to their classrooms. They understand each other because they have been friends for a long time.


The first to speak was Hoshinomiya.


“I am very depressed … I will be forced to tell the students about an exam that guarantees a drop out.”


Taking a deep breath, she looked at the attendance book.


“… Who will have to disappear.”


Even though it was inevitable, Hoshinomiya didn’t want to face it.


“It is not guaranteed someone will have to drop out. Even though the number is very limited, there are still several methods.”


“But to cancel a drop out, 20 million personal points are required?”


Of course, Hoshinomiya also knew that fact.


Currently, no class has that many personal points.


“It may not be a bad idea to pay 300 class points to prevent this. After all, it can’t be helped if someone is forced out of school. Usually it’s a small problem.”


To cancel student withdrawals from school, 20 million personal points must be paid or 300 class points. This time the last method was removed. But both the teachers and students cannot accept forced withdrawals.


“Oh, I can’t help but have to complain about the way Tsukishiro acts on behalf of the director.”


“Right – it makes sense for Sae-chan to think so. He suddenly replaced the director and did something selfish like that.”


Hoshinomiya, approached Chabashira and embraced her, but was driven by disappointment.


“Even if you complain, nothing will change. If you say something excessive, you might get fired.”


“Is it your turn to tell me? Isn’t Mashima-kun who was just trapped? He made us very worried. I didn’t say anything excessive on that occasion.”


“As Chie said. He would not care about the dismissal of a teacher. After all, there were numerous numbers of replacements, that was all very clear. Saying that was what she intended.”


“Maybe the goal is to fire a teacher like Mashima-kun, and replace it with a teacher who is comfortable for himself.”


Both of them thought that Tsukishiro’s speech in the staff room was a warning to a rebellious teacher.


Mashima did not deny this idea.


“Sae-chan too, it must be hard after going up to the long awaited Class C, so don’t force yourself, okay?”


“You’re pretty calm about our class promotion.”


“I hate to say it. But, is it possible for Sae-chan to be promoted to Class A?”


Looking at her peering eyes, Chabashira averted her eyes.


Although Hoshinomiya often spoke of issues that were generally trivial, most of her actions were considerate to others.


Chabashira who had been close to her for a long time had a good understanding of this.


“… No. I’m not stupid enough to do this.”


“That’s right. If you just say you want to target Class A … I’ll change my face.”


Hoshinomiya raised her hand and made a shocking expression.


It may seem like a dialogue that has no special meaning between women, but Mashima doesn’t see their calm in it.


They are like carnivores facing each other on the savanna.


“The two of you, are still competing for that. How many years have passed



“Mashima-kun, this has nothing to do with time.”


“Well, nothing to do with it.”


Mashima who acted as the mediator, stunned by both and can only walk without power.


Although Mashima dared to face Tsukishiro, sometimes he would meet an opponent he could not face.


“… Is that the case? Anyway, even though this isn’t something I can interrupt, you can’t bring personal feelings.”


“It’s not like that, right? Chie?”


“Of course not, Sae-chan.”



Although they are attempting to figure out each other’s thoughts, on the surface they pretend as if nothing is happening.


“In short, what I want to say is that we must refrain from acting recklessly.”


Chabashira hurriedly ended the conversation and walked into Class C.


The two watched her leave.


“You really don’t carry personal emotions, right?”


Mashima asked while looking at the back of Chabashira who seemed to be in a bad mood.


“Don’t compare me to her. Oh, I really don’t have any attachments. Besides, I don’t have nostalgia here. But since then, she hasn’t changed, always acting like a student. That’s why her precious love continues to be in her heart.”


“… You have a terrible expression.”


“Oh? No, I hate showing a face like that.”


Hoshinomiya pulled out a folding mirror and smiled to the mirror.


“Okay, I’m also very cute today. You think so too, right?”


“I do not know.”


“That’s too much. Well, it’s worth it.”


After Hoshinomiya put back the mirror, Mashima gave him a suggestion.


“You have to be careful. Don’t be fooled. Class D this year, no, more precisely Class C now … is very different from previous years.”


Although there are still gaps in class points, even the teachers are unable to predict the direction of special exams in the future.


“I suppose so, but it doesn’t matter, I have Ichinose-san. Then—”

“Then …?”


“If she really rises, I will destroy her directly.”


“As a teacher, interfering in student competition is not a good thing to do, is it?”


“I won’t do that. However, I won’t take Sae-chan lightly.”


She also did not want to be said to be irresponsible because the teacher fought each other – Hoshinomiya said so.


“Looks like you’re serious.”


“Besides, I don’t want to lose to Sae-chan!”


This is the relationship between the two from since high school.


As good friends and rivals.

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