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Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e Light Novel Vol.11 Chapter 02

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CHAPTER 2: Last Exam of the First Year


March 8.


Now in Class C, Chabashira-sensei as the homeroom teacher will announce the final special exam for class one.


There are 39 sets of tables and chairs for Class C.


Not long ago, there was 40, but now one less.


This was because Haruki Yamauchi had dropped out.


Not only from Class C, Manabe from Class D and Yahiko from Class A as well.


This change, has had a big impact on all the students in year 1.


The idea of ‘must have rescue steps’ that have been in their hearts has completely vanished.


While they had not yet recovered from the shock and sadness caused by the incident, the days continued to pass by.


Chabashira-sensei appeared after the bell that signaled the beginning of class.


There is not any extra chat in the class.


“—Then, the final special exam for the first class will be announced.”


Chabashira-sensei began her explanation of the last special exam.


Even though they already knew that they could no longer hear Yamauchi’s voice.


His friends Ike and Sudou tried to accept this reality.


“For today’s final special exam, you will be asked to show us the comprehensive results that you have learned so far, including academics, physical abilities, teamwork, and maybe luck. In short, you need to play with your various potentials.”


In general, Ike would usually immediately ask Chabashira-sensei blurt out a question.


However, he silently listened.


He had a feeling that ‘the next person to drop out of school might be him.’


“This special exam, is based on the comprehensive ability of each class to compete in the ‘event selection’ special exam. It will be carried out according to the rules to determine the type of confrontation between classes, similar to the Paper Shuffle.”


Special event selection exam, the final special exam theme for the year 1s. What is it about?


“First of all, to make it easier for you to understand when I explain it, I will use 10 white cards and 38 yellow cards that match the number of class students who will follow.”


With that said, Chabashira-sensei arranged a blank card and stuck it on the blackboard.


Each card is approximately the same size as a playing card.


Although there is nothing written on the 10 white cards, on the other hand, the yellow card seems to have the name of the student on each card.


There are a total of 48 cards installed on the board.


Compared to the number of students in the class, the yellow card should be one less. Are there any reasons?


“First, let me explain the use of these 10 white cards. You must discuss with each other first, then set 10 ‘events’ according to your preferences, and write the events on the cards.”


After hearing this, Ike showed a confused face.


However, seeing him trying to hold back from interrupting, Chabashirasensei showed an amused expression.


“If you have any questions, don’t hesitate.”


“N-no, but … Wouldn’t Sae-chan-sensei be angry if I interrupted in the middle of an explanation?”


Ike’s worries were obvious.


“Without your extreme jokes, how can I be calm?”


So far, Chabashira-sensei only accepts questions at the end of the explanation, but in some cases she still let someone ask in the middle.


Most of his classmates focused their attention on Ike.


Even though he felt a little confused, he still said a few things where he felt doubtful.


“Well, that … Event? What does it mean?”


“Written exams, chess, playing cards, baseball, and choosing anything you think will win according to your expertise. Then it’s up to you to consider and make rules of each event.”


“Hmm, can we decide freely?”


Although they were free to decide, he and several other students did not seem to understand.


“Although you can decide freely, there are some rules in determining events.  At the extreme point, if competition and games are not known by many people, they will not be approved as events, so unless everyone knows, it can only be proposed. As a result, the rules of the event must be fair and easy to understand. For this purpose, after the event is proposed, the school will assess whether the event is appropriate and decide whether it is allowed.”


Of course, if someone chooses a special sport or game such as a personal hobby with certain rules, which are not known by most people. Then it would be unfair for the competitors.


However … Even though it’s like that, the rules are for us to decide.


“In addition, to avoid a draw, it is necessary to adjust the event. For example, in the Go rule, the same amount of land occupied by both parties is a draw. But to avoid this situation. In the placement of land half of the additional points, determined by white. Another example, in a Chess game, although it is difficult to get a draw, but if there is a situation where Remis occurs, it will result in a draw. Though this is very rare, the winner must be decided in this situation, and then we can decide the winner according to the number of chess pieces held. Please specify in advance detailed rules like this. In selecting this event, if you do not decide the rules of winning and losing, then the event cannot be used.”


(T / N: Remis is a situation where the king is not discrete, and cannot move at all and the other pieces cannot move besides the king. If there are still other pieces that can move, the mussels do not apply, because the player has another step besides the king.)


But, accompanying the event with win and lose rules, is too little. Although there are countless types of events to some extent, events that can be chosen within the scope of all the students appear to be limited.


“So, let me set an example and practice what I just said. Ike, what are you good at? Anything is fine, don’t hesitate.”


“Hmm … what can I do …”


He didn’t immediately answer the program he was good at, but he thought about it first.


“In that case, I think I am quite good at Rock–paper–scissors.”


Hearing it like a joke, his classmates laughed.


However, Chabashira-sensei took the answer seriously and wrote ‘Rock– paper–scissors’ on the white card.


“In that case, let’s assume that Rock–paper–scissors is the chosen event.”


The class did not think that it would be taken seriously and Ike and his friends immediately became confused.


“How do you want the rules?”


“Then … Win in three sets of games to win?”


Chabashira-sensei followed Ike’s instruction and added the rules to the white card.


“Most people already know about this event, and the rules are simple and  clear. As a result, the school would not mind using this event.”


“That really can be adopted.”


Although this event originated from spontaneous response, there were no problems with the school.


“Next, do this 9 more times, and 10 events have been selected.”


Chabashira-sensei took the chalk and wrote it on the blackboard.


“The exam schedule is also very important. This special exam is roughly divided into three stages:”


Special Exams:


  • March 8, the day of the announcement of the special exam. On the same day, determine the class’ opponent.


  • March 15, determine 10 events. Announce 10 events and their respective rules.


  • March 22, the ‘election day’ special exam day.


“B-but sensei. If there are more than 20 events, wouldn’t it be very time consuming?”


“Each class must re-select 5 out of 10 events on the day of the ‘event selection’ special exam and submit it after the ‘wish’. In short, the battle program will be reduced to 10, not 20.”


Hearing this, Horikita asked.


“That is, out of 10 shows, 5 of them are a hoax … Does that mean that false information is being transmitted to the opponent?”


“It can also a role like that. 10 events that have been determined will automatically select 7 events randomly by the school mechanism that has been prepared. The process is like this.”


Chabashira-sensei explained what was on her mind.


Compared to the previous special exams, the time for this particular exam takes seems to much longer.


The reason why in the end they chose 7 events, was because they had to guarantee a winner and loser.


Because the number of events is odd so there will be no draw, the winner will be determined by four wins of seven events.


“Even if a class wins before the completion of all 7 events, the game will continue until the final event. However, this is related to changes in class points. That is, even if the result is determined, they still have to compete with each other. The deadline for the submission of the 10 events is on the 14th of Sunday. However, it is mandatory for the school to check whether the program can be adopted. It is safer to make the schools review the events one by one as soon as possible.”


“What if, until the 14th, we are unable to choose 10 events?”


“In this case, the school will set a pre-prepared event for you. But don’t expect it to be suitable for your class. This will only be a disadvantage for you.”


It seems that it would be better to assign 10 events directly.


“There is another point. The same class cannot register two identical events. If you have registered a football event with a winning rule with a difference of 2 goals, and you choose a football event by determining the winning result using the penalty kick as another event. The school will consider it invalid. I hope you keep this in mind.”


“Can I cancel a program that was decided?”


“This is not permitted.”


“Then … I want to ask about students who will be participating in the day of the exam. No matter who, or how many times someone participates, is that okay?”


“Regarding the rules about this program, if explained verbally, it might be difficult to understand in some places. For this reason, the school has prepared a sheet of paper containing detailed notes about the rules. Furthermore, whether you will copy or do something with it, you are free to do as you wish. Horikita, the answer you are looking for is also well written in it.”


Although schools can also prepare paper for the appropriate number of people, perhaps this is a form of consideration.


If there is only one piece of paper, classmates will have to gather and read the contents together.


This makes it easy to guide everyone to talk and discuss it as class partners.


“The 10 events decided by each class will also be announced on the 15th. I have written them on the board. After all, if you did not know what event your opponent has chosen and what rules there are, it would be very difficult. ”


This means we can study and practice for one week and take action.

There seems to be a battle to predict what the other party will choose on the day of the exam.


“Then, after the exam ends on the 22nd, there will be a day off on the 23rd. After that, the graduation ceremony on the 24th and closing ceremony on the 25th, then you will be able to enter spring break without worrying.”


Enthusiasm can be very different depending on whether we end up winning or losing.


In short, I generally understood the explanation of the special exams chosen for this event.


However, from Chabashira-sensei’s expression, it was vaguely seen that she still had something important to explain.


“In addition to event decision making, there are other things that are also very important. That is, to lead the class, one person must be a ‘Commander’ in this special exam. Students who become Commanders cannot directly participate in the event. I hope you all remember this.”


“Commander …”


So, is that why there are 38 yellow cards?


“This is an important position that needs to be addressed in a responsive way.


You must understand that the Commander is allowed to interfere in all events and help, such as changing players, working on problems that the participant cannot solve, and not just sports, even if it is Go and Chess, the Commander is given room to interfere.”


Is not that just to test the basic skills of students. But the Commander’s involvement?


“The way for Commanders to intervene is also decided in the rules. I think, if you use Rock–paper–scissors as an example … You can set it as ‘when the Commander can participate, and can only do it once’ or ‘the Commander can replace players’ You can set the method of participation.”


The same interventions in general will be allowed for the events.


In the case of baseball or soccer, if we make a commitment to a change of players, the Commander will play the role of a coach.


Even though there are 7 events, the ‘intervention’ factor will be a very important part.


“The Commander will receive personal points individually when he wins, but will also be responsible for defeat. Then, when the class is defeated, they will assume responsibility and be expelled from school.”


Is this a mechanism to force the losers out of school?


“In this special exam, the Commander is very important. If you don’t have a Commander, the test will not begin. If you cannot come to a decision about the Commander, come and talk to me, I will appoint it for you.”


The form of this test is to ask for an individual.


As a result, the ‘protection points’ I obtained in the voting exam the previous day would be a large factor.


It is very clear that there are many eyes and emotional feelings directed at me now.


Because I am the only person who holds ‘protection point’ which can cancel an expulsion.


If I hold this ‘protection point’, I can avoid being kicked out of school even if I am defeated as a Commander.


But —


Is it really the best choice to ask me to take the role of the Commander so that no one leaves school?


Or is it better to ask talented students like Horikita to become Commanders and increase the chances of winning even if it’s only 1%? For students, they must choose which is better.


If there are students besides myself who voluntarily serve as Commanders, I’m afraid that most students won’t object.


On the other hand, everyone will hang on to me if no one wants to be a Commander.


“How do we decide which class to face?”


“Students who are Commanders in each class will gather in the multipurpose room after school today. That is to determine someone by a lottery and let them choose their desired opponent. You have to discuss which class will be chosen before the draw.”


The class that wins in the lottery has the right to determine which class to fight, and then the remaining two classes will automatically face each other.


“It’s best to choose Class D, because we have a high chance of winning.”


“Of course, if you choose a class D opponent who has poor overall abilities, the winning percentage will increase. However, it is not always the best to fight the lower classes.”


If this is the case, then the chances of the other three classes choosing Class D is also very high – Chabashira-sensei said so. After the fall of Ryuuen, it was very easy to deal with Class D.


“The most important thing in this exam is not working together, but to take advantage of the strengths of each class.”


Whether we fight with class A or class B, we don’t need to worry.


In other words, as long as we choose a good event for our class, we have a higher chance to win.


However, the higher the difficulty, on the contrary the more advantages the class has.


When we heard Chabashira-sensei’s comments, no one smiled.


At present, Horikita is constantly imagining in her mind – now Class C has the opportunity to challenge Class A and B with a chance to defeat them. “However, this statement won’t make you better. That means, if you lose this test and class D wins … You will fall back down.”


Chabashira-sensei took the chalk and wrote the current class points on the board.


Class points on March 1 Class A · 1001 points. Class B · 640 points

Class C · 377 points

Class   D   · 318 points


Class C and Class D’s points only slightly differ. In other words, even though we have been promoted to Class C within a year, we will return to Class D if we lose this last special exam.


That means, in the eyes of the students, they must obtain victory.


“Next, let’s talk about changes related to class points … Each event will raise or decrease class points by 30 points. If it is 7 consecutive wins, the class will get 210 points. If you win 5 times and 2 times losing, you will get 90 points from the opposing class. And the school will give 100 class points as the prize.”


That means, we can gain up to 310 class points.


According to the results of this event, we can get points from enemy classes. This rule is also quite desirable. The number of points in the upper class that cannot be reduced so far can now be reduced as much as possible. Depending on the settings and results of the event, it is possible to move up to Class B and possibly down to Class D.


“If the opposing class points are insufficient, the school will fill in the insufficient points. That is, the class points will become negative but will be 0 on the surface. However, the class must pay back the points in debt to the school.”


In a form that cannot be seen, it means that the class points will be 0 or negative.


However, this time all classes have more than 210 points, so it seems we don’t need to worry about this problem.


Part 1


After Chabashira-sensei left, there was still a little free time in class.


The students see the paper in front which contains the rules of the event.


“Excuse me.”


Horikita broke into the crowd and photographed the note with her cellphone.


In order to return to her seat and see it early, she takes this initiative.


She sat on her chair and looked through everything.


“I’ll show you, even though you might not be interested.”


“Thank you for your consideration.”


Then she sent two photos in the chat application.


“Special event selection exam and rules for deciding an event.”


・ About small events, complicated events, and rules restrictions.


Overly detailed rules are not permitted.


In matters such as written examinations and other events, the school will issue questions to ensure fairness.


According to the content of the event, it is forbidden to set game rules that are too far from the basic rules.


・ About the facilities that can be used.


On the special examination day, the Commander will see the process of the event in the multipurpose room. In addition, the gym, the field, facilities at the school, such as the music room and science room will basically be available, there are also some exceptions.


・ About event boundaries and deadlines.

Only one event per class can be selected for events rated as equal. Events that are too long or have no time limit may not be allowed.


・ Regarding the number of people needed to participate.


The number of people needed for the event must be different for 10 events, except for substitute players.


The minimum number of participants for one event is 1 and the maximum number is 20 (excluding substitute players).


There must be at least two events with more than 10 people in each class including reserves.


・ About the conditions of participation

Each student can only participate in one event and cannot participate in more than one event. However, if all members in the class have participated, they can participate more than once.


・ Regarding the Commander’s role.


The Commander has the right to interfere in the seven events. The way of intervention is determined by the class that determines the event. This intervention can only be done with school approval.


The rules are roughly divided into these five categories.


The number of participants in each event, between 1 and 20 people. Events that require 20 participants are quite limited, but that can be entered in several ways. If almost 40 people have already played in the event, then they can play a second time, and even students can play three times depending on the situation. Although we try to reduce the number of participants and use some elites to compete, we must change the number of participants depending on the type of event. That will be increasingly difficult.


“Really, the school is making us prepare for the special exams with hard work.”

“Yes, but this is probably the biggest event of the year.”


This is a difficult mechanism to win unless many students participate and work together.


This is somewhat similar to a sports festival, but this time it’s not just good physical strength that will benefit. Depending on the point of view, there are battles that use academic abilities, flexible ways of doing things, or doing things in dexterity. This advantage also has the potential to shine.


We not only have to recognize our own strengths and weaknesses, but also to find out the strengths and weaknesses of other classes is the key to the test. Taking into account the selection of these events, the special exam time arranged by the school is also very clear. It is important to listen to the opinions of all parties to maximize the power of the events in this special exam.


In addition, in our class, there are still people who we are unsure whether or not they will participate in the events. If one person cannot participate twice, we must make adjustments in this regard.


After understanding the entire description, Horikita still showed an unsatisfactory expression.


“You don’t seem to be satisfied with this special exam.”


“Yes, there are a number of things, many of which make me dissatisfied, especially what class program to choose on that day is the key to winning or losing. It can result in a pretty big loss if we end up with competing in events prepared by the opposing class.”


Because of the absolute trust in the event that they have prepared, they will attend the shows.


In addition, compared to attending other classes chosen by the program, of course, they want to compete in their own events to ensure results.


“The school will collect 10 events and notify each class, and then lock 7 events on exam day. Isn’t this more fair?”


Indeed, from the point of view of justice, Horikita’s opinion is correct.


“The lower classes have a lower chance of winning, but if luck is with them, the lower classes can also defeat the upper classes.”

But, in general, the higher the class’ skill level, the better in many ways.


“That’s for sure … there is a view like that. After all I don’t really like this special exam.”


She muttered-


It is time for students to understand the event through discussion.


But Hirata continued to bow his head and wait for time to pass.


“He was still the centerpiece of the class a few days ago.”


“Are you trying to say that this is my fault?”


“It’s hard to say.”


Even though this was Hirata’s own problem, no one could understand his problem, including himself.


“Oh, I want to confirm something before discussing it.”


At this moment Sudou spoke. While Hirata continued to stay motionless, even though the discussion was about to begin in class.


After Sudou looked at me, he began to look around the classroom.


“Many people could not accept the results of last weekend. Right, Kanji?”


“… Well, that’s unacceptable, I don’t understand at all. Everyone is confused, why the first place in the praise poll was Ayanokouji. How did you end up getting 42 praise votes?”


Many of the students’ lines of sight are directed at me. It was not an exception from the Ayanokouji group.


“This means you get a lot of praise from other classes, right?”


At the end of last week, I didn’t get the chance to explain.


I had predicted that they would bring this up sooner or later.


The problem is that I can’t tell everything here.


My position in this class is at the lowest level, in my current position, there was nothing I could say.


“I’ll explain it to you.”


Horikita takes the initiative.


“Wait, we want Ayanokouji to explain it himself … Me and my friends … But he is no longer here.”


“I don’t think Ayanokouji-kun can explain it himself.”


Horikita stood up and started talking, as if she was trying to protect me.


” … So what ?”


“Maybe Ayanokouji-kun himself doesn’t know what happened.”


“You said … Ayanokouji himself doesn’t know?”


“Yes, simply put. This was all planned out by Sakayanagi-san. Regarding why she did this, I tried to deduce myself. Let me explain myself about the reason. ”


To explain step by step, Horikita answered the question in a way that is easy to understand.


“First, after she saw Yamauchi-kun as a target, she told him that she would give her class’ voice of praise to convince him. In fact, there was no doubt after Yamauchi-kun said it himself at the last moment. So there must of been a promise like that. But instead, she decided to give a voice of praise to another student. ”


“M-maybe like that. But, why she gave it to Ayanokouji?”


“Then what do you think? Sudou-kun.”


“That … for example, Ayanokouji is actually a very great person, so Sakayanagi thinks that he deserves praise …”


“Do you see any great things about him? I have the impression that he is a student who could run fast. Nothing more.”


“That … Well, I suppose so too.”


“He didn’t get good grades in the written exam, and besides his fast running, he has no ability that I can see in other sports. Even if you observe other things that aren’t accompanied by his foot speed, there is no good picture to talk about.”


These words are fully consistent with the understanding of the people around me. There is no denying evidence.


“In other words, your assumptions are incorrect.”


Horikita did not hesitate to emphasize.


“Do you want to say that he was only chosen by chance? This would be a little strange.”


“Try to think about it. If Ayanokouji-kun was a great person, would you deliberately give him a ‘protection point’? No fool would give it to a difficult opponent. If there were exceptions, it would have gone to ‘Ichinose’ who had already many predicted from the start that she would end up with a lot of praise.”


In fact, a total of 98 praise votes have been received by Ichinose. This is the result of the idea ‘it’s better to send it to someone than to gather it to strangers’.


“I’m sure there are no fools who give ‘protection points’ to tough opponents.” Said Horikita.


“Right, it’s impossible to do that.”


With an explanation from Horikita, so Kei, Sakura, and many other boys also agreed.


“Even though I don’t know why Yamauchi-kun was Sakayanagi-san’s target. If I assume that she wants him out of the school, then I would be able to understand the series of problems that have occurred. As planned, let’s look back at what Yamauchi-kun did before in class. us. He formed a targeted Ayanokouji-kun, and then Sakayanagi-san gave many voices of praise to Ayanokouji-kun, so she could get Yamauchi-kun expelled from the school.”


“In other words … Haruki was expelled, all because of Sakayanagi’s plan.”


“Yes, and the choice of Ayanokouji-kun, was merely a coincidence. She wanted to choose someone who was inconspicuous and would not harm Class A. Maybe through these two considerations, she ended up choosing Ayanokouji-kun.”


This explanation was very useful for me.


They couldn’t find a way to get away from me in Horikita’s explanation.


“That’s what I thought. She was aiming to take out Yamauchi-kun resulting in why she protected Ayanokouji-kun.”


Sudou and Ike had no choice but to convince themselves.


Even so, Sudou still couldn’t take it.


“Is it because I support him like this, which makes you very upset?”


Horikita looked at Sudou and asked.


Sudou did not answer directly, but averted his eyes.


“I support him because I realize that the reason why Yamauchi-kun left school is not because of him, but because of myself. ”


Horikita was the one who exposed Yamauchi’s strategy in class and forced him into a desperate situation.


“If you want to blame someone, then you should blame me.”


“That …”


Sudou cannot blame Horikita.


In fact, he also knows that unneeded students will be expelled – there is no way to prevent this.


However, no matter how well it is explained, it is difficult for everyone to accept.


Because now, I did end up getting a ‘protection point’.


Because only I am in the safe range in the upcoming exam.


“This special exam… Can I recommend myself as the Commander?”


I saw an opportunity and said this.


Although Sakayanagi has not contact me, this time, it is guaranteed that she will be a Commander.


So, I have to act as the Commander to match my agreement with her to compete with her in this exam.


“It’s true, in the class vote, I gave distrust to my friends, so by becoming the Commander of this special test, I want to dispel any suspicion.”


“Ayanokouji ……”


Sudou looked at me in surprise.


“This proposal is very good, as no one will be expelled, and there is no need to be suspicious of Ayanokouji.”


This will lead to nobody dropping out of school. Because of that Ike supported to let me be the Commander.


“Wait a minute, I’m very happy with Ayanokouji-kun taking the initiative to become a Commander, but I mind letting you serve as the Commander.”


The person who unexpectedly raised an objection to this problem, was Shinohara.


“If we ask Ayanokouji-kun to be the Commander, no one will leave the school even if we lose, because we have ‘protection points’. But doesn’t this mean that we surrender to defeat from the beginning? It feels like we will just be preparing for defeat. After all, Ayanokouji-kun is a very ordinary person, as Horikita-san said. ”


In other words, she doesn’t think we can win with the instructions I will be giving as Commander.


“If we are confronting Class A or Class B, we will have to face Sakayanagisan or Ichinose-san? The position of the Commander seems very important. If we let Ayanokouji-kun do it, we have no chance of winning. If we lose, we will return to Class D. You know?”


Some students expressed their agreement with Shinohara’s opinion.


“I think it would be better to recruit candidate Commanders for now.”


However, this position risks dropping out of school. I’m afraid no one will raise their hand easily.


If it’s a normal situation, we might be able to count on Hirata, but this time, it seems to be impossible.


Up until now, Hirata had not participated in the discussion, but only kept his head down.


If you have to say that under these circumstances, the only student who isn’t afraid of dropping out of school to become a candidate for Commander is … Everyone looks at Horikita.


However, in the current circumstances, maybe-


“Sorry, but I also want to avoid the risk of dropping out of school … If,

Ayanokouji-kun is a candidate, I want to say something about that … As Shinohara-san said, when it comes to battles against Class A and B, there is no guarantee that we can win at this stage.”


“But, Horikita-san, you doubted Ayanokouji-kun’s abilities before, but now why do you want him to be the Commander?”


Hearing these words, Kei suddenly interrupted.


“I thought, maybe because I had tried to help him prove that he had nothing to do with Yamauchi-kun’s withdrawal from school. As a thank you, he might volunteer as a Commander.”


In some ways, Horikita smoothly blocked my escape.


Not surprisingly, there was an intention from Horikita to force me into the Commander’s position.


In her eyes, my abilities were far higher than any other student.


Instead of handing over the Commander to students who can’t do it, it’s better to encourage me to be more stable. She made this judgment. Even if I lose, I have protection points and it won’t be a problem.


“Are there no other candidates for the Commander?”


If there are objections, then people who want to be Commander can say it. But there are no other students who want to risk dropping out of school.


“Even though Ayanokouji-kun is the Commander, we can also have a thorough discussion with everyone beforehand. On that day, he will act according to the instructions and planned patterns. There will be no big difference with that.”

Students who do not want to think too much, gave their approval.


“However, it’s almost time for class to end. The school won’t give us time to discuss it. I suggest that we find time to gather and discuss it.”


Because Hirata doesn’t care, it’s likely that Horikita will have to carry heavy responsibilities in the class.

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