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Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e Light Novel Vol.11 Chapter 03

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CHAPTER 3: Opponents


During lunch break that day, almost all students in Class C gathered in class.


Students who did not bring a bento, went to buy their lunch, but will soon gather again.


As a student who buys my lunch, I left the classroom temporarily.


I went to a place where there were no signs of people around and made a call to two people.


One of them already sent an email over the phone beforehand, so I immediately found them.


And the next one –


After doing this work, I bought my lunch and returned to the class.


But there are two people who are absent from class.


One of them is a man who always has never interfered, Koenji Rokusuke.


And the other one is Yosuke Hirata.


In the classroom, 37 people are left gathered.


“Hirata-kun doesn’t seem to want to participate.”


“It seems so.”


I could hear voices of concern, but time continued to pass by.


Discussion to determine the events must be done more than once.


“What do you think! Koenji has never taken it seriously. Right?”


I can understand the feelings of Sudou who wanted to be angry and upset.

Or, there should be some students who may have some hope, and think that Koenji is at least more serious on the surface.


However, the reality is not going well.


No, or should I say that humans cannot change easily?


Even if it’s Koenji, he still mixes with the present.


But I don’t think he will always be to act like this.


One day, there will be an exam like voting again.


At that time, Koenji himself has to pay for his actions.


“Don’t mind him, just start. Damn.” Said Sudou.


“If you are angry, you will only suffer.”


“We’re back on topic, I’ve asked sensei to copy the manuals about the rules of the program. I’ll give it to everyone. Read these instructions carefully after eating, and then have a special discussion after school.”


Horikita had no choice but to take the initiative now because no one was leading.


“Even though I’m eating, if there’s something you don’t understand, you can ask me questions.”


There seems to be no doubt on Horikita who has read the manual repeatedly.


Part 1


After school that day. The class ended without questions.


After, Chabashira-sensei announced to the students who was the Commander to immediately come to the corridor, then walked out of the classroom.


The person who first got up and left was Hirata.


“Uhm … about the upcoming exam, we want to discuss it—”


A girl named Nishimura tried to talk to Hirata.


However, his voice didn’t reach Hirata who left the classroom without a glance.


“Hirata-kun …”


Hirata showed a strong attitude when rejecting her directly in front of Nishimura and other students.


To say that the only exception is Koenji. There was a pair of refreshing expressions on his face or rather that he did not see the commotion. He just continued to stare at his cellphone.


“I … am going to the toilet for a while. I’ll be right back!”


The person who stood up and said that was Wang Mei Yu – most people call her Mii-chan.


Even though he said she was going to the toilet, she was actually worried about Hirata and followed him.


“Because it’s useless, it seems like only I can do it.”


Horikita prepares to lead.


“Sorry, I’ll ask you later. I still have business as a Commander.”


“Well, you will be choosing our opponent for the class in the multipurpose room. If you have the right to choose, you must choose Class D.”


“I understand, but don’t expect too much from that.”


I got up and left the class.


Because I have a responsibility as a Commander, I went to the corridor.


“Is that you? Ayanokouji? As the Commander?”


Chabashira-sensei who felt helpless sighed, and her line of sight seemed to turn in the direction where the two people went.


“I am the Commander.”


“…… Is that so?”


After joining Chabashira-sensei, we went to a special building together.


“To decide the class, I have to go to a special building.”


“Because you still need to explain the rules for exam day and how to use them.”


Because the special building was very quiet, the sound of our footsteps were very loud.


“It was already a big problem getting protection points, but being pushed into the position of Commander. You really suffered.”


“I was not encouraged, I volunteered.”


Chabashira-sensei stopped.


“… You?”


“Is that weird?”


“Don’t you hate being conspicuous?”


Chabashira-sensei doubted it herself.


“Only if there is a difference between being a protector or not.”


“So, like that. That is, you have no way of refusing, at that moment.”


Students who have protective points are most likely to be Commanders. If I refuse to become a Commander, then only I am in the safe zone. The only difference is being pushed down a cliff or jumping off a cliff.


“However, in any case, being a Commander will have a big responsibility. If you give up that responsibility, class C will be defeated.”

Because there was no one else around, Chabashira-sensei spoke more freely.


“Are you threatening me?”


I saw Chabashira-sensei who smiled softly.


“What do you think? But, I’m really looking forward to it. Finally, I will be able to see the full extent of your abilities.”


Chabashira-sensei who is targeting class A seemed to have high hopes for me.


“I cannot guarantee victory.”


“Is that true? Unfortunately, I can’t imagine a situation where you will lose.”


After that, I did not continue the conversation with Chabashira-sensei.


Part 2


Function room in a special building. It seems to be the core of this special exam.


“Looks like three people besides you have arrived.”


The door to the room opened. What caught my attention was the teacher who was in charge of each class and several students. Class A is Sakayanagi, Class B is Ichinose, Class D is Kaneda.


As expected, they were all students with protection points.


In the room, there was 2 computers and a large screen placed directly opposite of one another.


“We will decide which class to face when the Commander of each class has gathered. Everyone will draw a lot from here. Students who get the red circle on paper will get a choice.”


Lottery box.


Mashima-sensei brought it to us and urged Class A to take the first draw, but Sakayanagi refused.


“There are blessings in the leftovers, so I have no problem being the last. Please continue with Ichinose-san.”


“Oh. I won’t hesitate —”


Class B Ichinose picks first. Then Class C and class D in sequence. The marked paper is not folded, and the results can be known immediately after being pulled. Class D, the last Kaneda, gets a paper with a red mark.


In other words, class D has the right to choose an opponent.


“Mashima-sensei, it looks like the last paper doesn’t need to be confirmed.”


Mashima-sensei raised the last remaining paper. Of course, there is no red circle there.


“Oh, it looks like there’s no luck with leftovers.”


“Is that so? I’m always unlucky in the draw.”


“Of course, for Class A, no matter who the opponent is, you don’t need to worry, right?”


“There is no such thing, I want to avoid your class if conditions permit, Ichinose-san.”


I myself do not know whether what Sakayanagi said was a lie or her sincere words.


“Can you tell which Class you would like to choose?”


At Mashima-sensei’s request, Kaneda nodded slowly.


Class D should have had a discussion in the morning and after school.


Discuss which class you want to fight.


“Then I’ll say it. We, Class D – I hope to play against Class B.”


What Kaneda said, was an unexpected declaration of war.


“What about Class B?”




After receiving their second confirmation, Mashima-sensei decided for another class.


Because Class D has chosen Class B opponents, it is automatically a match between Class A and Class C is decided.


“I thought you would choose class C, but why choose class B?”


Sakayanagi asked Kaneda for a reason.


“If we want to turn things around now, at least we have to take points from the upper class. But, even though I like that, I still want to avoid fighting with class A.”


“Is that so? For me who wants to avoid the strong Class B, it is also very helpful. I wish good luck for Class D.”


Sakayanagi nodded and thanked Kaneda. However, there are a number of tricks behind the formation of this situation. Of course, it was pure coincidence that Kaneda had the right to vote, but no matter who got the draw, it would be the same result.


Previously, I contacted Ichinose and Ishizaki after school.


Then I made a request to compete against Class A.


I only hoped to choose Class A as an opponent, but Ichinose agreed to give up Class A because of my request. As for Ishizaki, it seems that the real policy is to choose Class B, so there will be no contradictions here.


All this for the sake of fighting against Sakayanagi from Class A.


The only thing that might be a nuisance is if I end up having the right to choose.


Because Horikita said that she wanted to choose Class D, if I get a lottery then I have to find some reason for choosing Class A.


The odds of drawing are 1 in 4, so I don’t need to worry. In other words, the interaction here is only in the same direction to determine the outcome. Sakayanagi also had to understand that I had done some work in preparation.


Thus, the opponents of each class are decided.


“Now I will explain the system for a special examination day. In this multipurpose room, you will use two similar computers. In this competition, all Commanders will be assigned to select participants from each event using that computer in real time.”


The computer screen on the left is projected on a large monitor.


When Chabashira-sensei operated the computer, Mashima-sensei continued to explain.


“For example, this is a list of Alass A students. Move the mouse, drag a photo of the selected student’s face and place it on the frame of the event. If you make a mistake or want to change it in the middle, use your mouse to put the face photo back outside the frame. You can repeat it. It’s also possible to tap the screen with your fingertips. ”


“I feel like this is a TV game show.”


“Really ~”


The atmosphere of dialogue between Ichinose and Hoshinomiya-sensei seemed pleasant.


“There is a time limit for selecting students in each event. The amount of time that counts down now is the time of your choice. The more people you need, the longer the election time you have. You can immediately understand that you have 30 seconds to choose each person . ”


In other words, an event that requires 10 people has 300 seconds.


“If you do not finish within the specified time limit, the computer will randomly select students based on the number of students who have not played. Be sure to pay attention to this. Conversely, if the electoral time is passed, students’ photos will be removed from the event frame.”


In other words, we must not exceed the allotted time.


“After the exam starts, the big screen will display the exam in real time.”


The screen displays a chess match that appears on TV. This is a reference image.


“After the exams begin, the Commanders’ intervention conditions will be displayed on a computer screen as text messages.”


The big screen has been changed to a computer.


The screen shows ‘Pause, Commander can repeat this step.’


This is an explanation of ‘Commander intervention’.

“When you can confirm content, you can intervene by clicking on this condition. Remember that!”


Then the big screen switches back to the game.


“The instructions given by the Commander are not carried out in the form of calls, but the computer will automatically read the text in the form of chat. If you enter text and press Enter, it will be sent directly to the participant’s headset.”


After that, the computer will automatically read the messages and deliver the instructions. The reason for not receiving this form of call might be to prevent inappropriate behavior. The example just mentioned is the intervention ‘Commander who can take this step again.’ If the information is combined skillfully, it can also convey instructions 2 to 3 steps.


“If the Commander takes action against the intervention, it will be considered a violation of the regulations in place.”


Moreover, it’s better to have published information that will be carefully reviewed by third parties.


“At each event, only one person is allowed to use the headset. Even if it is a team battle, there is only one person who can receive instructions from the

Commander. Who is the person who uses the headset is also appointed by the



There is more to be done than I imagined.


Even though general content has been predetermined, the Commander must always consider unexpected situations.

“The Commander can intervene at any time in accordance to the event’s rules.”


We can freely use our own computer to view, replace, or enlarge or reduce images.


For example, observing students participating in an event or preparing for the next event. So, the Commander must do many things.


“The above is the role of the Commander and how to operate it. Do you have any questions?”


Mashima-Sensei sent a glance to everyone, but there seemed to be no doubt from us.


“So, this is the end of today. If you want to reconfirm the method of operation, you are allowed to go to the multipurpose room with your teacher. Time is limited to the week before the test. Thus the explanation of the Commander is finished.”


Part 3


After returning to the dormitory, I told Horikita which class we would be against, in chat form, and then I began to consider the role of Commander. In other words, this is my first time facing a school exam.


To be honest, if this was an individual battle, it would be impossible for me to lose.


However, my task for this special exam is to direct all the students in the class.


Fighting can only be done within the class’ skills.


Even an extraordinary strategist, like Sun Tzu, who directs an army of children to fight against adults, the chance of winning would be one in ten thousand.


Although only the ‘intervention’ that the Commander can use is the key, in the end, there must be a main premise to serve the battle.


In other words, I need to understand the potential and possibilities of all of Class C.


Who likes who, who hates who, who is good at doing something and who is not good at anything.


If I don’t understand these things, there is no chance of winning.


And regarding my ability to gather information and leadership, I am quite low in class when counted from the lower caste. I don’t know anything, like Shinohara and Onodera’s favorite food.


So what should be done first?


I don’t need to think about it. Of course, I want to ask people who know my class well.


Even though it sounds simple, it can’t be avoided.


Those who fulfill these requirements include ‘Kei’, ‘Hirata’ and ‘Kushida’.


Not just asking one person, I also want to ask all of them about the situation.


However, seeing the current situation, only Kei would be willing to help me.


Hirata is now in an impossible situation. As for Kushida, it would be due to the impact to her reputation caused by the voting in the class. Even though she didn’t show his expression at all, she should be quite angry with Horikita.


I don’t know how much she doubts me, but I’m sure that his vigilance is far greater than before.


It was around 6:00 p.m. when it was dusk.


A visitor rings the doorbell.


I didn’t think about anything and welcomed the visitors to the room.


“…… Hello.”


The visitor … Karuizawa Kei, was still wearing a school uniform.


“Are you still in school?”


“However, I’m different from you, I have many friends. Besides, I’m the protagonist of today. ”


Kei uses rather strange words and directs her gaze at me.


“Kei is the protagonist? Why?”


When I showed a confused expression, Kei looked a little angry.


“… How can you feel fine? Compared to this, it’s very rare for me to come out at a time like this. You also said you don’t need to worry about anyone else.

Don’t you have problems if others see?”

Kei seems to be quietly looking around my room.


“No problem. After all sorts of unexpected changes, as a result, their needs are greatly reduced.”


“Because Hashimoto-kun from Class A and senior students have also seen us, right?”


“Almost like this.”


“My relationship with Kiyotaka, it will be open to the public, little by little …… Is that okay?”


“No problem. ”


Was it because of my quick reply, she felt calmer, and heaved a sigh of relief.


“If it’s like that, it can’t be helped.”


Indeed there are some actions that are easier to do when my contact with Kei is unknown.


However, the situation gradually began to change.


Also, from now on, compared to behaviors such as spying, it’s easier to take action on the bright side.


“But …… we are boys and girls of the same class, aren’t we? If they find out that it is just ‘the two of us’, strange rumors will arise.”


I thought she was someone who did not care about that kind of thing?


“This time I assume responsibility as Commander. Isn’t it natural to call Kei who is the central figure in the class?”


To make sure, I added these words.


“Hmm … Well, that’s true.”

At this stage, it seemed like Kei was still worried.


“Why did you take the role of Commander? Even though you have protection points, you’re not the type to feel guilty about it, right?”


Is that a good thing to know about me?


“Regardless of how you want to mention it, after all, I have to show the impression that I’m worried about my classmates. Besides, Yamauchi just left school, and I’m still under suspicion in class. So doing this is the best choice.”


“Is that all?”




“If I got the protection point, I wouldn’t be the Commander, no matter what anyone says.”


Because Kei had built such a position, even if she protected her ‘protection points’, no one would blame her. That is good.


“Putting that aside, tell me the details of the people in the class.”


“First of all – where should I start? I don’t know all about it? Especially the situation of boys.”


“That doesn’t matter. I’ll ask Kushida and Hirata after that.”


However, that would only be another perspective.


Whether it will really be needed or not, the situation is still unknown at this time.


“Of course, if you can hear it from them, you will be able to understand everything in class …”


When Kei said that, she thought of the circumstances that made it difficult.  “Apart from Kushida-san, how is Yousuke-kun doing? Looks like he’s really frustrated.”


“Are you worried too?”


“Of course. No matter who everyone is in class C, Yousuke-kun’s current situation is difficult to accept.”


A Class C where Hirata does not exist. There will definitely be lots of damage with no benefits. There is no sense of stability in the class because there isn’t anybody to act as a mitigator.


“In short, start with you.”


“By the way, it’s hard to talk in general, so let’s put it in the form of questions.”


If that’s what she wants, then I will ask her about each girl one by one.


I began to plant a picture of all the Class C girls in my mind in the order of the student absence list.


Part 4


“—It’s almost like this.”


In less than 10 minutes, I received all the information I needed from Kei.


“Hey. Do you even remember everything I said? Even if you ask me to repeat it again, I won’t say it.”


“No problem. ”


“What, did all that information ‘come to mind’?”


“Almost like that.”


Ah – is that true? So fabulous. From Kei’s attitude, she seemed to praise me like that.


“Is it true that the opponent is Class A? After all, that is a bad thing, right?”


“I won’t be fighting, instead it will be you and your classmates. Even though the Commander can interfere, it can’t always change the situation. Isn’t it more appropriate to say that you have a problem?”


“Oh. I-me? I said ~ …”


Kei seemed to want to say something, but she ended up speechless.


“… Could you please keep me from participating in the events?”


“That’s not something I can decide on my own. Depending on the opponent’s strategy, there is a possibility of playing twice.”


“No, no. I can’t. I’m not good at studying or exercising.”


Kei shook her head strongly and stated that she didn’t want to compete. “Even though the opponent is Sakayanagi-san, Kiyotaka will definitely win.”


Kei gave her thumbs up. Just because you don’t want to participate, and don’t want to be responsible.


However, in reality, Kei could not fully understand my level.

“That would be easy if no one expected you? ”


“I guess that’s true.”


If there is no hope, it’s easy to say something like that.


“So was that all you wanted to say? Did you really have to meet me in person?”


If that’s all, it would have been better to call, and that makes Kei grin.


“There are things that are easier to understand when we meet in person, right?”


Since that was not the answer she wanted, Kei’s expression still looked stiff.


“Oh … in short, it’s over, right? Then, may I … leave now?”


Maybe Kei felt that, although this continued, the situation would not change. When the minimum required topic was complete, Kei said this sentence:


“If there’s something important, I’ll contact you again.”


“… Yes.”


Judging from Kei’s expression, she seemed to be expecting something, but immediately gave up.


Until the very end she remained stubborn, and ended up not saying anything. Of course, if she said something, it would be easier for me to act …


“Wait a minute. There are still a few things I want to talk about.”


In order prevent Kei from seeing it in my room, I put the ‘item’ in the drawer. To get the item, I stood up.


“What? If there’s something you want to talk about, say it earlier.”


“Today, it’s your birthday.”


“Hey – did you already know that …”


I took the ‘item’ that had been prepared beforehand from the drawer. I asked the store at the school to order it and wrap it in birthday gift packaging.


“I just wanted to tease you.”


“Don’t say weird things, if you have a present, give it as soon as possible.  But, I have already received many good gifts from my friends. So the difficulty in satisfying me has increased. ”


Kei said this, and looked away as she held out her hands to me.


Seeing this appearance, I immediately stopped when I was about to give a gift.


“Do you really want it?”


“No, I don’t want it.”


“If you don’t want it, then I don’t need to force it on you.”


“Ha ha !! Since you have decided to give someone a gift, you should at least give it to the person! ”


She said something unclear.


“However, this gift is also combined with White day.”


“Of course … This is getting ‘troublesome, so just give the present?”


Kei who sighed as if helpless, took the gift from me.


Kei was a little surprised because the box was so small and so light.


“Is there even something inside?”


“I don’t have the courage to give someone an empty box as a present.”


If something like that was done, it would make Kei angry.


“So, I’ll confirm the contents, no problem with you?”


Kei tried to confirm the contents of the box as if she was a police officer who was interrogating me. She carefully opened the gift wrapping paper and opened the lid.


What appeared there was a piece of metal that shined in gold.


“What … What is this !?”


Even though she was shocked, no matter who saw it, they could obviously tell what it was.


“It is a necklace.”


“Yes, even I can see it! This is too heavy a gift, you know!”




“E-after all, that necklace isn’t something you normally give to a friend, you  know!”


Even though she said that …


I could not understand what she was trying to say and tilted my head.


But Kei didn’t give an answer, as if she still had something to say.


“And … and you know? It seems like it wouldn’t suit me either! It’s heart shaped, you know! ”


She was referring to the heart-shaped object that hung at the core of the necklace.

Looks like this birthday present was not a ‘good’ present.


“It’s heart-shaped, you know!”


Once again, she stressed that she did not like it very much.


“Fuu, fuu.” (breathing heavily)


Even if it’s me, I would definitely feel a little hurt if they were to protest against a gift like this.


Regardless of what the object is, giving a gift is in the hope that it would be appreciated by others.


“Is this not too expensive?”


“It’s not cheap. It’s almost around 20,000 Yen.”


“20,000 – why did you choose an expensive necklace ……”


“Even if you ask ……”


While Kei who saw me blushed.


It seems, it is better to answer honestly here.


“To be honest, I have never given a birthday gift to a girl. Therefore, I decided to gather information and search the Internet. Then I found gifts for women recommended by the ‘Online shop’ site from a large-scale order website. They also said that it’s “very popular with high school girls.”


I still remember the promotion that stated ‘whether it’s a lover or not, this is the best choice for White day’.


At the same time, I also considered that it was necessary to pay the appropriate amount for both the birthday and White day at the same time.


“Oh wow …”


I always felt that Kei was surprised by my thoughts.


Maybe I made a mistake.


“Even though you are very smart, but this is a bit awkward. Or it’s too naive.  Even though it’s very popular among high school girls, women prefer to choose themselves. Choose what you think fits or suits my interests. Fortunately, it’s not a ring that requires a specific finger size … Frankly, in a rating of 100, the evaluation of this prize is only 10 points. ”


Even though I prepared an expensive gift, the result was disappointing.


In the end, she explained to me how high school girls were, and there were many factors to think about.


I thought it was a gift of good intentions, but if I were asked, ‘Did I really consider the mood of others?’, I would doubt it myself.


“Then how many points would I get if I gave a box of snacks?”


“15 points.”


I didn’t expect a box of snacks to score higher than a necklace that was worth 20,000 Yen.


“Since it’s already opened, I might not be able to return it. If you don’t want it, just leave it here before leaving. If you don’t mind waiting a few more days, I can get you a box of snacks, I’ll prepare the gift again.”


I made this suggestion while feeling my lack of knowledge.


I expected it to be worth more than 10 points or 15 points. Even though I thought so …




Kei saw the necklace and then looked at me.


Then she placed the necklace that I thought would be returned on her neck.

Kei said, ‘Let me borrow a mirror,’ then used my mirror to look at it.


“Hmm … As I thought, the heart shape is rather childish. But I think I look cute, no matter what I wear.”


Even though I couldn’t stop myself from thinking ‘are you really a first year high school student?’, Kei looked very serious.


This short pause of time confirmed whether or not the necklace matched with her own perspective, and then she nodded after being satisfied with it.


I think she just wants to try it, and will return it later. But after carefully removing the necklace, she put the box in her bag.


“Looks like this is the first gift you have given girl? I’ll help you out with that.”


“… In that case it will be better.”


Besides, even if she gave it back to me, there wasn’t anybody else I could give it to.

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