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Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e Light Novel Vol.11 Prologue

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PROLOGUE: The Monologue of Arisu Sakayanagi



I can still remember the view I saw across the glass screen on that day as if it was only yesterday.


The exterior of the facility, located deep within the mountains, I saw when my father took me with him was dyed pure white. No, it wasn’t only the exterior.


The corridors, the small rooms we went through was all painted in one single white colour as far as I remember.


I brought both my hands on the transparent glass doing my very best to see what lied beyond. On the other side, this screen seems to be some sort of magic mirror so they couldn’t see us.


“What is it, Arisu? It’s rare to see you this interested?”


“This is an experiment to artificially create a genius. There’s no way I wouldn’t find it interesting.”


“…That’s not a very childlike way of speaking, as usual.”


My father said while showing a perplexed smile as he picked me up in his arms.


According to my father, anyone who went through the curriculum of this facility would, without exceptions, be educated to become someone exceptional. There’s no way I wouldn’t find any misgivings regarding that point.



“It’s just, this experiment seems to have a lot of troublesome elements to it.”


“Which means?”


“It seems to be attacked from all sides regarding the humanity of it.”


“Ha, haha…”


“That being said, even I don’t think I could artificially a genius or anything.”


The moment people are born into this world, the moment they receive life, their potential is set in stone. The fruits of chance. Then, it will sometimes manifest in various fields. That’s the contrivance of the human world.


They can’t do more than what is carved into their DNA. They awaken by the blood passed on from ancestors or by a sudden mutation. In other words, if you want to create a genius, you have to do it from the DNA stage.


The ones born as an ordinary person will never escape the realms of an ordinary person. No matter how blessed their environment is, if the student isn’t excellent from the start of, they won’t become a genius. That has been my belief since I was young.


That was the conclusion from seeing my fellow classmates being given top quality education since infancy. That’s why this experiment ran counters to my own way of thinking. That being said… It isn’t that straightforward that DNA alone could solve it either.


“Even if there is anyone graduating this facility as the cream of the crop, will that truly be a fruit from this experiment?”


“What makes you think so?”


“The children at the top just have the superior DNA, is what I think.”


“I see. The curriculum these children are partaking is quite intense indeed. There is a chance the remaining victors were all excellent from the very beginning of as you said. You really are just as wise as her. Your personality included.”



“That makes me happy. Being compared to my mother is the highest words of praise to me.”


I obediently and honestly took to heart what my father told me and yet again watched the children subjects. The children with talent, the children without, everyone was equally partaking in this education. And then at the system, where the people dropping off, disappeared turn by turn.


“In the end, even if there are children staying until the end, they are just blessed by their parents’ talents.”


Even if I find it interesting, it was an experiment without meaning. I couldn’t help but feel that way.


“Who knows, it may be so, it may not be so. I also don’t know. But I can’t throw away the possibility that these children are destined to carry our future.”


I didn’t understand what my father’s acquaintance was trying to accomplish, me being the child I was. My sight returned back to what was reflected beyond the glass.


“—That child, seems to have solved those tasks calmly and without any difficulties for a while now.”


As for clearing the tasks given to them itself, all the children reflected in our eyes had cleared the them. However, everyone had done it desperately and with all their concentration. That should have been obvious. Whether studying or sports, the level of the competition here was far beyond normal children’s. Among them was a single existence exhibiting an abnormality.


A certain boy was overwhelmingly defeating his opponent in succession at chess, which was what they were doing now. Among the children I could see beyond the glass, he was the only existence snatching away my gaze and heart. Seeing this my father looked somewhat happy, somewhat sad as he nodded.


“Yes, he is Sensei’s son. His name should be… Ayanokouji… Kiyotaka if I remember right.”


Sensei is my father’s acquaintance, and the person who is running this facility. He was a person never yielding to anyone and I remember my father always showed a modest attitude towards him.


“He’s Sensei’s child so his DNA must be excellent, right?”


“Who knows. At least, Sensei has never graduated from a top university or possessed outstanding athleticism. His wife is also an ordinary woman. Their parents never showed signs of any talents either. But, Sensei has stronger ambitions than anyone and a never-yielding and indomitable fighting spirit, that’s it. That’s why he has become so great. To the extent that he also, at one time, could move the country.


“In that case— won’t that child be the perfect specimen for this experiment?”


My father nodded with conflicting feelings at my question.


“Well… he would probably regard that child as perfect for it I think. But… as I see it, I can’t help but feel sorry for him.”


“Why is that?”.


“From the very moment he was born, he has lived within these facilities. For him, the first thing he saw wasn’t his mother nor his father, but the white ceiling of these buildings. If he was to drop off earlier, he could probably live with his father. Or no, the fact that he continues to stay here, results in him getting his father’s favor perhaps. If that’s so, that is very…”


Simply put, he hasn’t received any love from his parents. How lonely and desolate such a life must be. Even though there were a lot to gain and learn from touching another human, leaving his talents aside. I strongly hugged my beloved father, which made him hug me back.


“The final goal for this facility is for every educated child to become geniuses. But it’s still in the test phase. It will continue to struggle for another 50 or 100 years. It’s not to make the children gathered here to exhibit talent when they become adults themselves, but for the future children’s sake. Both those surviving and those dropping off are nothing more than a batch of samples.”


A life of confinement within these buildings and their data extracted was the life waiting for them, father said.


The face of my father as he said those words looked like he was in pain. “Do you not like this place, father?”



“Hmm? … Who can say? … I honestly can’t cheer it on perhaps. If, the children here really become superior to everyone else, if this facility becomes the natural thing, then this must just be the misfortunate beginning, is what I think.”


“Rest assured. I will personally smash it for you to see. I will prove that talent is not decided by education, but from the moment people are born.”


I cannot lose to the children raised at this facility no matter what and no matter how many. I, who has inherited the superior DNA, has to stop it.


“Yes, I’m expecting lots of you, Arisu.”


“By the way father. I think I want to start playing chess—”


I opened my eyes and sat up still half-asleep.


“What a nostalgic dream…”


It was perhaps due to the approaching confrontation. To think I was remembering that day. But from the moment I met you until now, I’ve never forgotten it. I was convinced that a day would come when I would meet you again face-to-face.

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